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Our tours are designed to bring you in close contact with an unspoiled beautiful land that is home to a vibrant Buddhist way of life, changing citizens, magnificent mountains and stately architecture, all of which make it as close in..........Read more »


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Treks range from short excursions, with easy walking to enjoy the rich flora, fauna, culture and scenic beauty, to the most toughest treks in the entire Himalayas, such as the legendary Snowman – Gangkhar Punsum..........Read more »


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All tours must be booked through a recognized Bhutanese tour operator such as Thoesam Tours and Trekking and entire arrangements done by the same agent. During peak season (spring/fall) and tshechu period, reservation must be........Read more »

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The Kingdom of Bhutan being one of the last pristine places on earth is one reason why people around the world visit the country. The last Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas is a country landlocked between China and India.

Buddhism flourishes in Bhutan along with other religions and outsiders come to experience the effect of religious views and the Bhutanese people’s close proximity with the environment. A deep spiritual atmosphere prevails in the kingdom where people blend in well with the traditions and modernity. Environment conservation is given of outmost importance and a developmental philosophy called, “Gross National Happiness” is considered vital to the prosperity of the country rather than Gross Domestic Product.

The country is filled with spiritual sites and virgin territories home to some of the highest peaks in the world. The country has been identified as one of the 10 bio-diversity hot spots in the world and as one of the 221 global endemic bird areas. Its eco-systems harbor some of the most exotic species of the Eastern Himalayas with an estimated 770 species of birds and over 50 species of rhododendron, besides an astonishing variety of medical plants, orchids and rich wildlife. Bengal Tigers can be spotted to an altitude high as over 4000 meters in the country. Nature conservation parks cover most of Bhutan and over 80% of the country is still covered with forests. With a population of 742,737, the country flourishes with majority of it’s people still practicing agriculture. Education and Medical facilities are free to all. Foreign investments are starting to grow in the country and the global development in the country is rapid.

Until 2008, Bhutan was under the Constitutional Monarchy System ruled by the kings of Bhutan, the Wangchuck Dynasty. On December 17, 2005 the fourth King of Bhutan announced that he would step down from the throne in 2008 and would be succeeded by his son, the fifth King of Bhutan, His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck. In the same year, the king awarded the people with full authority of power and the country transitioned into a newly elected Democratic Government. Elections to choose a new government are held every 5 years.

People travelling to Bhutan will be offered new insights into the traditional Buddhist life and be involved in the cultural traditions of the kingdom at par with developments taking place in the country.

Tourism in Bhutan is considered a very important sector in driving the country’s economy forward and is of high value with professional services best offered to travellers from across the globe. High value- low impact tourism is followed in Bhutan. Low impact to the culture and the environment is seen in Bhutan.

Thoesam Tours promises to provide you an in depth knowledge of Bhutan and the evolution of Bhutan’s growing popularity and curiosity amongst outsiders wanting to visit the country.

We will help you make your living dream a reality.

Dear Thoesam,You have been a fantastic agent. Your Knowledge of your country is most impressive and we have learnt a lot from you.We are also very touched by your care and concern and honored by your kind hospitality.We will take back fond memories of Bhutan to Singapore. - Priscilla and Teoh Lim Sew,

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Our tours are designed to bring you in close contact with an unspoiled beautiful land.
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Treks can be long and arduous, but Bhutan’s incredible beauty, clean unspoiled trails.
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